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Graduated compression wear is designed to compress the veins in the feet, ankles and legs to help weakened veins pump blood back to the heart more efficiently. I addition to many simple benefits, most research suggests compression hosiery be considered as part of an overall treatment plan to help manage many venous disorders, including DVT, and to prevent thromboembolism. Diabetic patients can also benefit. One study concludes, "...the age-adjusted risk for venous thromboembolism is more than two-fold higher among diabetic patients..." (V.Petrauskien, et al, "The risk of venous thromboembolism is markedly evident in patients with diabetes"). Considering the number of diabetic patients Podiatrists see every day, the potential preventative benefits are certainly worth mentioning to them.

The simple effect of compression hosiery - that it compresses the veins in the lower extremities to help weakened valves pump blood back to the heart more efficiently - has intrinsic benefits that are easily evident to anyone who dons a pair. Consider the effect this might have with many of the patients Podiatrists see every day who suffer from minor disorders - obesity, varicose veins, tired, achy, swollen feet, legs or ankles. Gentle to moderate compression can help their body fight the natural forces of age and gravity, enhance blood flow back to their heart, and energize their tired legs and feet. The simple benefit of enhanced circulation is the most important benefit to patients. The patients' feet and legs simply feel better throughout the day.
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